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South African riding his way to success in the land of dreams

hollywoodfoundation-Simphiwe MthimunyeSouth African riding his way to success in the land of dreamsHorse Racing

Simphiwe Mthimunye is a dedicated and hardworking work rider who has made a name for himself in the equestrian industry. He started his career by completing a two-year apprenticeship at the South African Jockey Academy (SAJA) before moving to Florida, USA, where he currently works as a Work Rider at Sequel Bloodstock.

Reflecting on his time at SAJA, Simphiwe says, “The Academy gave me the skills that I am using in my career today. Also, by living away from home, I learned how to not be homesick before going to work in another country.” His time at the academy not only taught him valuable skills for his career but also gave him life skills that have helped him adapt to new environments.

Simphiwe’s passion for horses started at a young age and has been a driving force in his career. He acknowledges the role of his mentor, Mr. Vincent Mkhize, in his success. Mkhize has been a guiding force in his career and has provided him with the necessary support and advice.

Simphiwe has a clear goal in mind, which is to continue working with horses in some capacity. His love for horses and dedication to his work make him a valuable asset to the industry. However, he has faced challenges along the way, including struggles with his emotional wellness. But his resilience and determination have helped him overcome these challenges and continue to pursue his goals.

Simphiwe is grateful for the support he has received from those who believed in him along the way, including the Hollywood Foundation, which has provided him with a bursary programme. He says, “I would never be where I am today if it wasn’t for the support I have received from the Foundation. “Thank you for believing in me,” added Simphiwe.  

His dedication, hard work, and passion for horses have helped him become a successful work rider in the equestrian industry. He has overcome challenges and is committed to continuing to pursue his goals in the industry.

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