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Rydalvale Park Sporting Club

Rydalvale Park Sporting Club

Hollywoodbets Springfield chose to support Rydalvale Park Sporting Club as part of the Hollywoodbets My Community Programme for 2019/2020. Read on to learn more about the team’s visit.

Hollywoodbets Springfield
Rydalvale Park Sporting Club
This club came about in 2016 to enable learners to engage in physical activity and to keep them occupied with something positive, rather than illegal activities. The club’s proudest moment was when they won their local tournament which involved all the schools in the community. They currently have 24 members who are split into two teams that practise two to three times a week at the Rydalpark Secondary School field.
The Hollywoodbets Springfield Team heard about the club because the Team’s Branch Manager lives in the community and was approached by their Coach who requested some assistance.
Coach, Dennis Moonee Kullen, believes that this new kit will give the club a confidence boost when they are playing.

“This donation will help our team play with pride and be motivated because now that they will all have the same kit on, they will be seen as one united team,” he said.

Contact details:
C: 083 671 7430
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