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05  August – 31 August 2022


Hollywood Foundation has partnered with the Lighthouse Foundation, and thanks to this new partnership the Future is Bright has R 1 000 000 (One Million Rand) to be invested in tertiary bursaries to qualifying applicants who meet the bursary application requirements as stipulated in clause 2. Bursaries will range from 1st year (entry into university) to 4th year level (Higher Certificate, Diploma or Degree), as well as Post Graduate studies.  Preferred areas of study include, but are not limited to, Computer Science, Supply Chain and Logistics, Business Management, Finance/Accounting, LLB/Legal; Human Resources, Digital Marketing/Marketing, Graphic Design, and Media and Communications.


1.        OBJECTIVES


The objective of the Bursary Programme is to attract, retain and develop potential Students, and to facilitate development that will enhance growth in individuals that will maintain and sustain the industry.




·        Must be a South African Citizen

·        Duration of course must be 12 months and longer

·        Type of qualifications: Higher Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees and Post-Graduate studies (Institution to be registered with the DHET)

·        Grade 11/12 results must have a minimum of 65% Average and 65% minimum per subject required for entry into qualification

·        Tertiary results must have a minimum average of 60% for the 2022 mid-year exam




3.1     The Foundation will grant the bursary to the Recipient in terms of this Agreement for the specific academic year.


3.2     The Foundation will be under no obligation to award any amount for the years which follow the year in which the bursary amount was awarded.


3.3    The Foundation shall have a right to reconsider the awarding of the bursary on an annual basis, and the Recipient may apply for a bursary with the Foundation for the following year.


3.4    The Recipient shall not, without first having obtained written permission from the Foundation, be entitled to deviate from the qualification and institution that has been approved for the purpose of this bursary.


3.5    The Recipient will be required to spend at least 50% of their holiday as vacation work as required by the Foundation. This will be unpaid, and a stipend will be provided to cover transport costs.


3.6    The Foundation shall assist Recipients with the payment of a full cost bursary, comprised of registration fees, tuition, study material, examination fees, accommodation, meals, and a laptop where required, or a partial bursary which is comprised of registration fees, tuition, study material, examination fees and a laptop where required.  Approval of a full cost bursary or partial bursary is subject to the bursary selection criteria that has been approved. Any additional costs that may arise during study will be the                   responsibility of the Recipient.


3.7    Supplementary examinations are not covered by this Agreement and will be the responsibility of the Recipient.


3.8    The Recipient is required to furnish the Foundation with satisfactory proof of results at the end of each semester, consequently, the Recipient can be withdrawn from the bursary programme.


3.9    The Recipient will be required to have a pass rate of 60% in order to be considered for funding for the next academic year.


3.10 The Recipient may not hold any other bursary, awards, internships or emoluments concurrently with this bursary, which bind him/her to enter the service of any organisation upon completion of his/her studies. The Recipient may not hold full-time salaried employment with any other organisation, other than the Hollywoodbets Group, or institution during the tenure of the studies to which the bursary relates.


3.11 The Foundation will be provided the first opportunity of employment aligned to the field of study of the bursary awarded to the Recipient, upon completion of the studies. Should the Recipient be appointed for employment within the Group, he/she shall be required to remain in the service of the Group for a period equal to the duration of the bursary, after successful completion.  Should the Recipient leave the Group before completing the required service period, then the pro-rated portion of the full benefit paid to the Recipient in terms of this Agreement must be paid back to the Foundation.


3.12 The Recipient is required to conduct him/herself in a professional and ethical manner during the course of the bursary, as he/she is affiliated with the Foundation and so as not to bring the Foundation’s name into disrepute.


3.13 The Recipient will sign the POPI consent form, which shall, to the extent that it refers to a Team Member or Applicant for a position of employment, be deemed to be a reference to a Recipient of a bursary for the purposes of the consent and this Agreement.


3.14 The Recipient will sign a consent form , which shall  give the  Foundation consent to  utilise images on the Hollywood Foundation social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, and our website, in the press and in the Hollywoodbets annual CSI/Bursaries publications which are distributed to Team Members, stakeholders and partners, and may also use it at promotional events.


3.15 Recipients may withdraw their consent at any time by notifying the Bursaries Team in writing at [email protected]Any images posted during the period of the consent will remain, the withdrawal will only apply after the date of submission of such withdrawal, so no future images will be posted.




The Recipient shall submit the following as part of the application process:


a)           ID copy

b)           Proof of Address

c)            Matric certificate/statement of results

d)           Detailed information regarding the chosen qualification

e)           A motivation letter for consideration

f)            Acceptance letter from the institution

g)           The full registration, tuition and examination fees in respect of each course/modules covering the full academic year, received from the institution along with length of qualification (proforma invoice)

h)           The name and address of the registered institution


i)             Proof of banking details of the registered institution