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The Hollywood Foundation’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Initiative Transforms Cricket at Grassroots

In the dynamic world of sports development, the Hollywood Foundation’s Purple Team continues to leave an indelible mark, steering the course towards positive change at the grassroots level. Their unwavering commitment to building constructive relationships in the sporting scene is epitomised by their impactful CSI initiatives.

The Purple Team’s recent venture took them to the picturesque landscapes of the Western Cape, where their mission was to make a lasting impact on budding cricket talent. On the 28th, 29th, and 30th of November 2023, the Team visited Union Stars Cricket Club in Oudtshoorn, Pacaltsdorp Cricket Club and Thembalethu Cricket Club in George, and Sussex Cricket Club in Mossel Bay, respectively.

Union Stars Cricket Club, a respectable institution established in 1892, plays a pivotal role in nurturing cricket players for competitive leagues. Michelle Weyers, ADV at Union Stars Cricket Club, expressed heartfelt gratitude, stating,

“Thank you to the Hollywood Foundation for their significant contribution through their CSI initiative. It will play a crucial role in developing the game of cricket in our community.”

hollywoodfoundation-Pacaltsdorp 1The Hollywood Foundation’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Initiative Transforms Cricket at GrassrootsCorporate Social Investment Programme

Pacaltsdorp Cricket Club, founded in 1906 and comprising of 30 beneficiaries, welcomed the Purple Team with open arms. Leroy Hector, President of Pacaltsdorp Cricket Club, conveyed his appreciation,

“We are excited to grow and develop our players through this invaluable contribution, made possible by the Hollywood Foundation’s CSI initiative.”

Sussex Cricket Club, established in 1977 with 100 beneficiaries, echoed the enthusiasm for the partnership with the Hollywood Foundation. Earve Peterson, President of the club, expressed excitement, stating,

“We are happy for the enduring partnership with the Hollywood Foundation and look forward to putting this generous contribution from the CSI initiative to good use.”

Thembalethu Cricket Club was established in 1997 and has a passion for uplifting and developing the beautiful sport of cricket. Andrew Jantjies, Administrator at Thembalethu Cricket Club expressed their gratitude and said,

“This contribution will help put the Team on the map as one of the best Black cricket teams in our region. We envision ourselves playing in the Premier League in the upcoming season.”

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