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Hollywood Foundation’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Initiative Illuminates Smiles at Vulinqondo Day Care

Vulinqondo Day Care was established in 2019 in Ermelo, Mpumalanga, serving as a haven of hope for children and parents in the community. This nurturing sanctuary was born out of a commitment to address the needs of working parents while ensuring their children receive the best care and educational stimulation. The Hollywood Foundation, with its unwavering dedication to CSI initiatives, discovered this gem and took it upon themselves to weave brighter threads into the tapestry of Vulinqondo’s mission.

The Ermelo Branch team, impassioned by the cause, nominated Vulinqondo Day Care to receive the benevolent touch of the Hollywood Foundation. With a shared vision of empowering communities, the Hollywood Foundation set forth on a journey to make a lasting impact on the lives of the 28 beneficiaries who found solace within the walls of Vulinqondo. Their CSI initiatives were centred creating a ripple effect that would echo through generations, while also addressing immediate needs.

On 06 December 2023, the Hollywood Foundation team, hand in hand with the dedicated Ermelo team, graced Vulinqondo Day Care to handover a much-needed contribution of tables, printers, and a treasure trove of educational toys and books materialised as symbols of empowerment and care. The essence of CSI radiated through this act of kindness, transforming the learning environment for these children into a realm of possibilities.

A.T. Nkosi, the Founder of Vulinqondo Day Care, could not contain his gratitude. “We are grateful to the Hollywood Foundation for their CSI contribution. With their support, we can now amplify our efforts to give our beneficiaries the care that they need, creating a lasting impact on their lives.”

This heart-warming collaboration stands as a testament to the Hollywood Foundation’s commitment to making a difference, one community at a time. As Vulinqondo Day Care continues its journey, the echoes of this profound encounter will resonate, uplifting hearts and inspiring others to join hands in the spirit of CSI, creating compassion that knows no bounds.


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