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CSI assistance for Zusakhe Educare

hollywoodfoundation-1. Representatives from Zusakhe Educare and Hollywood Foundation with contributionCSI assistance for Zusakhe EducareCorporate Social Investment Programme

The Hollywood Foundation was on hand to assist Zusakhe Educare in the Western Cape, through a CSI project. The Team have been supporting an array of non-profit organisations across the country, who have been instrumental in caring for many people in various communities who are in need of a helping hand.

Zusakhe Educare was established in 2016. Previously, there were many young boys and girls who roamed around the streets, with no purpose. It became evident that it was unsafe for young children to be alone, without adult supervision. As a result, this organisation was created to ensure that the youth had a safe space to stay and learn necessary skills and abilities that will enable them to prosper in the future. Zusakhe Educare has many goals, including to develop well-groomed boys and girls, and to expand to more areas. Previously, the organisation was not functioning effectively, and some of its challenges included a poor-functioning kitchen and mattresses that were very bad in quality. Through a CSI handover, the iBranch Team in the Western Cape paid a visit to the organisation, to contribute an array of essential items, such as a stove, cooking pots, and mattresses for the youth who seek shelter at this organisation.

Tertia Mkhiva, the Principal of Zusakhe Educare, was extremely grateful for this contribution from the Purple Team and said that it will improve the comfortability of the youth, as well as staff members.

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