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Tshepoyarena Learning Centre

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Tshepoyarena Learning Centre was the organisation of choice for Hollywoodbets Kinross for the Hollywoodbets My Community Programme 2020/21

Hollywoodbets Kinross
Tshepoyarena Learning Centre
This organisation offers a day care centre with a feeding scheme as well as an after-school programme to assist children with their homework. Tshepoyarena also provides activities such as netball, soccer and cultural dance classes to keep the children active.
The centre is still fairly new and they were lacking resources, which is why the Hollywoodbets Kinross Team chose to support the centre. They donated some chairs, pots, plates, cups, mats, a stove, a scanner, a printer and an internet modem to the cause!
Tony Mmako, representative of the centre, was delighted with the brand new equipment that was received which will help them function more efficiently.

“Before the donation, we didn’t have anything. We struggled to do our daily activities aimed at helping the children. Now we are able to carry on with our daily routine without having to worry about the lack of equipment,” he said.

Contact details:
5600 Hendrikse Street
T: 079 978 0939

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