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The driving force behind PinkDrive

hollywoodfoundation-CK Racing scaled 1The driving force behind PinkDrive2021/22 Handovers

Hollywoodbets handed over a brand-new vehicle to PinkDrive at the Nelson Mandela Community Youth Centre in Chatsworth.

Janice Benecke, PinkDrive KZN Administrator, explained that they offer the free service of early cancer detection, which is why sponsors, like play a vital role in the work that they do.

“Because of COVID-19, we can’t do our cancer screenings like we used to, so we have had to rely on big sponsors to help us. We recently lost a sponsor who provided us with transportation and the only other car we had was needed in Joburg, therefore, we were left without any means of travel. Today, Hollywoodbets handed us a brand-new Renault Triber Expression and I am so happy. It’s a seven-seater, which means that I can carry all my stock and gazebo when I visit the communities. Thank you so much, Hollywoodbets, for coming to the rescue. I don’t know what I would do without you!” she said.

“This is an important handover for Hollywoodbets because we believe that the work being done by PinkDrive is empowering our local communities in which we operate. We have decided to back their initiatives by handing them a new vehicle to help make their work a little easier. Since 2016, our relationship with PinkDrive has grown tremendously as we have supported some of their race days and screening events. It is exciting to know that we can provide them with the transport needed for Janice and her team to go into those communities and continue doing the fantastic work that they do,” said Babongile Mkhize, Hollywoodbets’ Group Transformation Manager.

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