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Sithandiwe Disabled Care Centre: Statement

hollywoodfoundation-20201110 HWBLOG Sithandiwe Disabled Care Centre Ver 1.1Sithandiwe Disabled Care Centre: StatementHollywoodbets iBranch MASTER

Hollywoodbets is devastated to hear about the allegations of incidents that have been occurring at Sithandiwe Disabled Care Centre.

In 2018, we donated household and educational items to the organisation to assist with their daily care programme. As with all our sustainable initiatives, we verify the legitimacy of the organisations we support, meet the management and then fulfil their wish lists. At the time of the handover, the Centre had met our mandatory requirements. It is, therefore, heart-breaking to hear about the mistreatment and abuse that has since occurred.
We applaud the whistleblowers, and the Rea Tsotella show, for shedding light on this matter. Ubuntu, “I am because you are,” is one of our core values, and we appreciate the community coming together in this instance.
Hollywoodbets currently supports 306 charitable organisations around South Africa. Child and welfare support is one of our main focus areas, and we remain committed to supporting the communities within which we operate.

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