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Movember 2018

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Men at Hollywoodbets Team Support grew their moustaches for Movember in aid of prostate and testicular cancer. This forms part of the Hollywoodbets My Community Programme for 2018/2019. Read on to learn more about this initiative.

Movember 2018
Hollywoodbets Team Support
This year six men at Hollywoodbets Umhlanga Team Support (HUTS) decided to do their part to raise awareness about testicular and prostate cancer.
John Limbouris, Jayendran Thaver, Christopher Russon, Lushandran Govender, Mark Hunter and Rylan Peter all took on the challenge, growing their moustaches the whole month.
At the end of November everyone at Team Support was given the chance to vote for their favourite moustache. Jayendran won top honours, while Lushandren and John took second and third places respectively.
All the contestants were treated to a professional shave by a barber from Sorbet Man at the end of the competition.
We also sold More Balls than Most badges for R5 each and raised R703. This organisation raises awareness about these cancers that specifically target men.
View more donations made by Hollywoodbets Team Support here.
View more donations made by Hollywoodbets branches in KwaZulu-Natal here.
Hollywoodbets is also actively involved in sponsoring community sports teams around South Africa. Click here to learn more.

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