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Meaningful Corporate Social Investment (CSI) support for Miracle Kids Stimulation

hollywoodfoundation-1. Excited representatives from Hollywood Foundation and Miracle Kids Stimulation with the contributionMeaningful Corporate Social Investment (CSI) support for Miracle Kids StimulationHollywoodbets iBranch MASTER

Children with special needs are often marginalised in society, and they have to endure many challenges and hardships as they grow older. These individuals are very reliant on adults for support, care and nurturing, on a daily basis. Miracle Kids Stimulation, a non-profit organisation based in Port Elizabeth, understands this, and aims to rehabilitate, stimulate and integrate disabled children into mainstream schools. The staff at this organisation were grateful to hear the good news, that the Hollywood Foundation will be assisting the children placed in their care, through a meaningful CSI project.

Miracle Kids Stimulation was formed after an 8-year-old boy was sadly found in a paint tin. He suffered from cerebral palsy, and he was falling due to his uncontrollable epileptic seizures, while he was in the care of his grandparents. Genevieve Hendricks, the Director of the organisation, explained that these types of situations made it apparent that an environment needed to be created that was conducive for disabled children. After witnessing the efforts made by the staff to allow these children an opportunity to reach their full potential, the Team from Korsten contributed stimulatory equipment for the children to use, as well as electrical appliances. This was done as part of a CSI initiative, that was very near and dear to the Purple Team.

“The Hollywood Foundation was an answered prayer. A month ago, our stove gave in, and with load shedding, we also lost our second-hand fridge. I was preparing food at my house and I had to take it to the centre, daily. I am overjoyed with this valuable contribution and this selfless act of kindness shown to my special miracle kiddies.”
Genevieve Hendricks
Director of the organisation

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