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#HopeIsPower – Thabitha Community Care Services

Thabitha Community Care Services Table of donations

The recent upheaval in the country has seen many organisations face challenges, such as purchasing essential items. Thabitha Community Care Services is based in Wentworth, Durban, and it focuses on preventative, promotive and rehabilitative healthcare for individuals who are battling drug addiction.

In an effort to lend a helping hand, Team Members from Hollywoodbets went to the organisation on Wednesday, 28 July to donate four hampers that contained vital items. The hampers formed part of the #HopeIsPower campaign that has a purpose to help organisations recover from the riots that took place in KwaZulu-Natal and parts of Gauteng.

“COVID-19 had a huge impact and the riots made it worse as people went to bed without food. It affected my people, the communities that we feed. All I can say is that I see a gift from God. We just prayed that we have something to cook for the people. Along came Hollywoodbets with this amazing gift. It is going to assist us in a huge way and have a massive impact as we now have something to cook for the people.”

#HopeIsPower #Communities

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Thabitha Community Care Services Donation
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