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#HopeIsPower – Nurses At A Go

hollywoodfoundation-Nurses At A Go FI#HopeIsPower – Nurses At A Go2021/22 Handovers

This Marianhill based non-profit organisation was formed in 2008 by community members who cared for orphaned and vulnerable children. The organisation also has other programmes that include HIV/Aids awareness programmes, home-based care services and computer literacy, among the various other initiatives that they are involved in.

The organisation has previously received support from Hollywoodbets, and after they were affected by the recent civil unrest, the Hollywoodbets Team stepped in and further assisted with food hampers through the #HopeIsPower campaign.

“A lot of people who are living in Luganda are unemployed. Many people have temporary jobs at Mamdekazi Shopping Mall. With the recent unrest, the area was affected as the shopping mall was looted. As a result, a lot of people lost their jobs.”

He said that he appreciated what Hollywoodbets has done for the organisation, and with the groceries that were donated, they would now be able to cook for the community.

#HopeIsPower #Communites

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