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Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Assistance for Dinaso

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Dinaso is a soup kitchen that is based in Gauteng. As part of a CSI campaign, the Purple Team was humbled to select this organisation to receive assistance. Many people across the country lack one basic need – food. The Hollywood Foundation recognises this and implements an array of projects that aim to promote the health and wellness of vulnerable individuals in society.

Dinaso was established in 2019, and it was formed to combat the spread of widespread hunger in areas based in Gauteng. The founders of this non-profit organisation began to witness the impact of hunger on the youth and strived to develop a safe haven where these individuals could receive a warm meal. Previously, representatives from the organisation went door-to-door to ask for donations or used money from their own pockets to sustain the overall functioning of the soup kitchen. After witnessing the organisation’s good efforts, the iBranch Team from Gauteng was proud to contribute equipment towards the soup kitchen, such as gas stoves, knives and pots. This CSI handover will now help to ensure that Dinaso continues to touch the lives of hungry people, on a daily basis.

An Administrator at Dinaso was overjoyed after receiving the items and said that the contribution will help them to target victims of substance abuse in the region.

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