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Bethany Home – 2018/2019

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Hollywoodbets Mthatha chose to support Bethany Home as part of Hollywoodbets My Community Programme for 2018/2019. Read on to learn more about the team’s donation.

Bethany Home
Hollywoodbets Mthatha
Eastern Cape
Bethany Home offers a temporary place of care to vulnerable children aged 0 to 6 years that have been neglected and or abused.
They pride themselves on promoting the health, security and happiness of each child by providing the kids with a good diet and, when necessary, medical care.
The Hollywoodbets Mthatha Team visited the home to donate, five baby bamboo seats for infants, 11 tables, 58 kiddies chairs, two kettles, a microwave and five industrial size storage boxes for goods and toys.
Rose Kasumbi the director of the home expressed her appreciation.

“This donation will greatly help Bethany Home deliver quality care to our children and infants. Our broken tables and chairs will now be replaced” she said.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, you can contact the organisation here:
1 Gerald Spilkin Street
Ikhwezi Township
T: 047 535 7296
W: www.bethanymthatha.co.za 
E: [email protected]
NPO Reg: 133-026
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