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Bambelela Terms and Conditions Western Cape

1.1.      By submitting this form you confirm that all of the details in the application are correct to the best of your knowledge and believe that no pertinent information has been withheld.

1.2.      The applicant declares himself/herself familiar with the Bambelela Business Awards objective and agrees to Exhibit/Pitch only those products and/or services that come within the exhibition’s scope.

1.3.      There is no entry fee to enter the awards.

1.4.      Entries can only be accepted from businesses whose base, or a substantial proportion of business, is based within Western Cape.

2.           Applications are open from 15 April 2024 and close on 15 May 2024 at 23:59 PM.

2.1.      Entries must be received by no later than the deadline shown on the event website – www.hollywoodfoundation.co.za.

2.2.      No liability for entries lost or delayed in transmission will be accepted.

3.     Third parties can make applications on behalf of businesses, provided the business nominated is aware of the entry and has approved the content in the application form.

4.     Entrants will need to make available whatever additional relevant information is required by the judges to assist them in reaching a decision.

5.     We may require you to provide us with additional information and documentation as we may reasonably require in order to process, confirm and facilitate your acceptance of the award. If you refuse to provide us with the requested information or documentation, you will be disqualified.

6.     We do not make any representations or give any warranties, whether expressly or implicitly, as to the award, and in particular, but without limitation, make no representations and give no warranty that –
your entry or participation will necessarily result in you winning the award, or any aspect thereof, will meet your, or, if applicable, your partner’s, requirements, preferences, standards or expectations.

7.     All entrants must declare whether they, or the business they represent, are/could be involved in any dispute or judgement that could in any way significantly interfere with the proper conduct or reputation of the organisers of the awards.

8.     The judging panel will decide the overall finalists and the judging panel’s decision is final and binding on you and no further correspondence or discussions will be entertained.

9.     Hollywood Foundation and its authorised agents reserve the right to vary, suspend, postpone or terminate the competition and any award which has not already been won, or any aspect thereof, for any reasons whatsoever and without notice. In such an event, you hereby waive any rights or expectations, which you may have against Hollywood Foundation or its authorised agents and acknowledge that you will not have any recourse or claim of any nature against Hollywood Foundation or its authorised agents.

10.  The judges reserve the right to merge or split categories if the level of entrants warrants this.

11.  You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the entry and abide by the judges’ decision on all matters relating to the awards and exhibition.

12.  We may consider your nomination in a different category or for different Awards produced by Hollywood Foundation if the research team or judges decide it is appropriate.

13.  During the Bambelela Business Awards, a panel of judges will be monitoring your performance throughout the Fair in terms of presentation skills, customer interaction, service, preparedness and marketing skills. The Top 20 finalists will be announced on the second day and there will be prizes to be won.

14.  The event organisers reserve the right to change judging deadlines should circumstances necessitate.

15.  The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into before or after judging. Please note that the Enterprise and Supplier Development (“ESD”) Committee of Hollywood Foundation reserves the right to overrule the judges’ decision, should it be deemed necessary.

16.  All information received from entrants will be strictly confidential. After the closing date our judging panel will complete a shortlist of finalists for each category. The shortlisted candidates will be invited to the relevant event.

17.  You agree and consent to your personal information being processed by Hollywood Foundation.

18.  It is your responsibility to ensure that any information which you provide to us is accurate, complete and up to date. Should any of the data provided by yourself prove to be invalid, inaccurate, false or misleading, your entry shall be disregarded.

19.  Hollywood Foundation reserves the right to publicise the results of the competition and use winning entries in press releases and published case histories.

20.  Hollywood Foundation reserves the right to publicise the results (including the names of any winners or (nominees) of the Awards Event and use winning entries in press releases and published case histories. Accordingly, it is a condition of entry that Awards Events participants will cooperate with the media in relation to any such publication or Awards Events marketing material.

21.  Hollywood Foundation NPC (including all related group companies) may use the photograph(s) or electronic media images taken on the event day for purposes of publication, promotion, illustration, advertising or trade, in any manner or in any medium. We may be using the images on Hollywood Foundation social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, and our website, in the press and in the Hollywoodbets annual publications which are distributed and we may also use it at promotional events.

22.  Awards winners may refer to the Awards Event in their own publicity material, following prior approval by Hollywood Foundation and the organisers of such material. Hollywood Foundation may provide instructions as to how Award winners may display any Awards Events marks or marketing material, which the winners and entrants agree to comply with. Hollywood Foundation will not approve any publicity material which is offensive, obscene, derogatory in nature or defamatory to any third party.

23.  Awards are non-transferable.

24.  The prizes to be awarded will be as follows:

24.1.                 First Prize:      R100 000.00 (One Hundred Thousand Rand).

24.2.                 Second Prize:  R70 000.00 (Seventy Thousand Rand).

24.3.                 Third Prize:     R50 000.00 (Fifty Thousand Rand).

24.4.                 17 x R30 000.00 (Thirty Thousand Rand) base prizes.

24.5.                 2 x R10 000.00 (Ten Thousand Rand) special prizes.

25.  Hollywood Foundation reserves the right to amend or update these terms and conditions at any time to comply with law or meet its changing business requirements without notice to you. Any updates or amendments will be published on the applicable Event’s website.

26.  Under no circumstances shall Hollywood Foundation be liable to you or the organisation you represent for any of the following, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise: any indirect or consequential losses, loss of revenue or anticipated revenue, loss of savings or anticipated savings, loss of business opportunity, or loss of profits or anticipated profits.

27.  These terms and conditions will be construed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of contract and dispute resolution in the Republic of South Africa.

28.  This Entry is closed to any persons who are directors, members, partners, employees, agents or consultants of Hollywoodbets or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by Hollywoodbets or marketing service providers, or spouses, life partners, business partners or associate and immediate family members (adopted and natural) of all the above.

29.  Exhibition

29.1.   Hollywood Foundation’s acceptance of an application represents a binding agreement for the stand space and rent that are specified in the order confirmation from Hollywood Foundation.

30.  Pitching

30.1.     The Pitcher will be allocated 3 (three) minutes to deliver their presentation to the panel according to the agreed-upon schedule and format.

30.2.     The Pitch shall not obligate either party to enter into any formal agreement, contract, or partnership. It serves solely as an introduction and exchange of information.

31.  Eligible exhibits

31.1.   Exhibits will be limited to companies or products approved by Hollywood Foundation. An approved company may exhibit products, equipment and services. All products, equipment and services must comply with Venue Health and Safety Regulations and any other requirements by the Venue.

32.  Once selected to be a participant in the exhibition, you commit to:

32.1.         responding to all requested pre and post event information timeously

32.2.         physically attending the show and manning allocated booth for entire duration

32.3.         no show penalty for confirmed beneficiaries who do not pitch or comply: are barred from all future Hollywood Foundation ESD Initiatives

33.  It is the responsibility of the exhibiting company to comply with all the rules and regulations. Hollywood Foundation reserves the right to refuse to stand rental or terminate a contract at any time, if the company does not comply with the regulations.