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#HopeIsPower – A Helping Hand for Durban Children’s Home

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The Hollywoodbets Team visited the Durban Child and Youth Care Centre on Monday, 26 July. The home, which was previously known as Durban Children’s Home, is a non-profit organisation that offers support to 74 orphaned or neglected children, who have been deemed to be at risk by the Children’s Court. It seeks to aid children that come from all over KwaZulu-Natal.

As part of the #HopeIsPower campaign, the Team from Hollywoodbets lent a helping hand and gave the organisation food hampers, as food security was identified as an immediate risk to the home. Hollywoodbets also expressed its desire to continue to support the organisation and nurture a good relationship with it in the future.

“These recent riots were a very difficult time for us because a number of malls in the surrounding area were looted and children were traumatized as they saw people running along the roads with trolleys filled with goods. Our kitchen was also impacted as we weren’t able to access staples such as bread and milk. Our staff were also affected as they couldn’t get to and from work. This donation from Hollywoodbets is like gold! Even though shops have been restocked, one of our main suppliers were extremely badly affected and have not been able to open yet. This donation takes a lot of pressure off of us. It will also mean that we don’t have to try find the funds for these essential items.”

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