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A new soccer kit sponsored to Elco Santos.

hollywoodfoundation-20220224_165629A new soccer kit sponsored to Elco Santos.2022/2023 Handovers

Elco Santos is a football club that was established in 2000. It is comprised of two teams, and there is a total of 253 players. The players at the club practice three times a week, at Ext 12 Sports Ground. The primary reason for the formation of the club was to tackle social challenges that face many of the youth, including drug and alcohol abuse and gangsterism.

The club has been very vocal about the challenge of using two kits for home and away matches. The Hollywood Foundation was proud to prioritise the needs of the club, through a meaningful contribution. The Team from Brakpan paid a visit to Elco Santos on 24 February 2022, to hand over brand-new soccer kits for the players. The Chairman of the Club, Charles Mokoena, thanked the Team for the contribution, and said that it will allow the club to conduct more effective training sessions, and make the players feel more presentable during matches.

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