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Radio Bursaries

Double Birds FC (Mpumalanga)

The Hollywoodbets Mashishing team chose to support Double Birds FC as part of the Hollywoodbets Soccer Sponsorship Programme for 2017/2018. Learn more here.

Double Birds FC
Hollywoodbets Mashishing
This football club has been training young members of the community since 2008.
They are home to 24 players between 11 and 24 years of age.
Staff started the club to help give the youth something constructive to do and keep them away from drugs and crime.
They offer regular practice sessions every Tuesday to Thursday at the local Makuleni community sports grounds.
Hollywoodbets Mashishing Team Members spent some time with the players when they visited the club to hand deliver a much-needed full soccer kit.
Judas Morane, the club’s coach and owner, thanked the company for their generosity.

“As a team we are very happy that Hollywoodbets has responded to our request and that you have sponsored us a soccer kit,” he said.

Contact details
T:  079 284 4798

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