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Bosele-Dawn Drop-In Centre – Hollywoodbets Bela Bela

Hollywoodbets Bela Bela chose the Bosele-Dawn Drop-In Centre as their organisation of choice for Hollywoodbets’ Social Responsibility Programme. The team talks about their visit.

Hollywoodbets Bela Bela
Bosele-Dawn Drop-In Centre

Lesiba Mothokwa and Brenda Maduka from Hollywoodbets Bela Bela visited the Bosele-Dawn Drop-In Centre to donate school uniforms to the orphaned learners that the organisation cares for.
This non-profit charity organisation first opened its doors in July 2005 and aims to help the children in the local community by focusing on the provision of basic needs as well as education and recreation. They provide a support structure for approximately 120 vulnerable children, assisting them with homework and teaching them other valuable skills, like how to use a computer.
The Hollywoodbets team received a warm welcome from the staff members and children who greeted them with a song! Everyone at the centre was also very grateful for Hollywoodbets’ contribution, thanking them for lending a helping hand to this worthy cause.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, you can contact the organisation here:

Bosele-Dawn Drop-In Centre - Hollywoodbets Bela Bela Donation Charity
Hollywoodbets Bela Bela supported the Bosele-Dawn-Drop-In Centre by donating school uniforms as part of the Hollywoodbets Social Responsibility Programme
Bosele-Dawn Drop-In Centre - Hollywoodbets Donation School Shoes Uniforms
Bosele-Dawn Drop-In Centre - Hollywoodbets - Social Responsibility
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